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RESPONSE to Mr. Ebrahim Fakir, his comments on mosques and their openness

September 22, 2014

I, Maulana munir hassan hereby give a brief response to the Statement made by Mr. Ebrahim Fakir

[] on his facebook page about mosques in South Africa. Mr. Ebrahim Fakir was also interviewed by Eusebius Mckaiser on Power FM, a private, aired/broadcast to the public radio station. One can access Power FM without a subscribtion.

Below, between dotted lines is Mr. Ebrahim Fakir’s facebook post:


Ebrahim Fakir September 16 at 8:40pm privacy settings PUBLIC
*Ahem ahem* – All Mosques are Open – always and forever, All the time , as One respects the
sanctity if the Mosque (as in any place
of«worship) – It is Open. Why is there a need for an “Open mosque” It’s a tautological nonsense.
All mosques are Open, To everyone [SMILING FACE]


My response: 

Mr. Ebrahim Fakir in response to your comment quoted below dotted line, i, Mulla munir hassan ask you:

1. At time of your writing how many mosque constitutions have you studied?

2. How have you empirically studied mosques for their openness and come to the conclusion as to openness universally obtaining. Do make available your studies in this matter?

3. Have you ever tested the openness of mosques, please publish your efforts?

Mr. Ebrahim Fakir, you are so wrong. As a muslim, a maulawi trying to appreciate intellectually the vast Islamic heritage, i and other ulama know from experience that mosques Masaajid are very closed spaces. In fact trying to open mosques is life threatening and dangerous in many ways.
Yes people have beign removed from mosques. The history of mosques lack chronicle. 
Yes people have been removed from mosques.
Participation in a mosque does NOT mean just going for namaaz, or a weekly jumma, it means more. Beign allowed to through lectures, classes etc exploring Islams vast heritage. 
Show me where this obtains

Mr. Ebrahim Fakir, your comment is like saying black people can come and look at a whites only beach from afar but they can NOT swim in it; black nannies can bring white children to a park but can NOT sit on the benches, use the swings; that blacks can work in a canteen, make the food, clean the canteen but they can NOT eat in it….

It is like looking at a few bantustaan elites in full regalia then saying apartheid treats blacks very well.

i, munir hassan, am available to publicly discuss this matter with you.