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Title: Sura Fatiha: An introduction to a Political, Economic, and Ecological Tafsir PART ONE/1

December 7, 2015
Title: Sura Fatiha: An introduction to a Political, Economic, and Ecological Tafsir PART ONE/1
By Maulana Munir Hassan

The Quran is an Andragogic communication

February 23, 2011

The Quran is an Andragogic communication – Adult focussed.

Nabi was an Andragogue – adult educator.

BUT we/they have reduced through the “madresa” the Quran to meaningless chanting by children.

How many muslims (South Africa) make the Quran an “object of Lifelong Study”, in Arabic, if not then in English.

Did u pack a Quran+ commentary when u went on holiday.


?How many Honours, Masters, PhDs, DLitts in Adragogy do we have?

Salaamat  wa  Aadaab

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books by women ulama?

March 27, 2009

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With reference to women mu’had’di’thaat like Kariimah al’Marwaziyyah and others mentioned by Siddique,  i (maulana munir hassan) note  that there is no mention whatsoever of scholarly works – commentaries on hadiith,   etc… – by these mu’had’di’thaat. Where is the “Fat’hul Baari” by a lady muhadditha.

We   use   ibnu  Hajar,  Ayniy,  Nawawiy,  Qastalaniy,  Anwar Shah Kasmiiriy, Hashiyaat  of  Sindhi…..etc,   etc,   etc…  but   where   are   the   works   by   the   “many”   women   ulama? 


Some scholars list scores of teachers of Bukhaariy’s Sahiih, but not one commentary by a lady scholar.


Reader, do you know of any commentary of Bukhaariy’s Sahiih in use by a lady scholar.

manuscripts of islamic civilization

January 28, 2009

salaamat  wa  aadaab

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Optimization of  Knowledge 


i  have  been  browsing  through  Maulana  Shaykh  Muhaddith  Abdul  Fattah  Abu  Ghuddah’s  edition  of  Taujiihun  Nazar  ilaa  Usuulil  Athar  by  Imaam  Allaamah  Taahir  al’Jazaa’iriyy  the  Damascene. 


In  the  biographical  note  Maulana  Abdul  Fattah  lists  works  by  Allaamah  Taahir  the  Damascene  polymath.  Amongst  these  is  a  four  volume  tafsiir  which  is  still  only  in  manuscript  form. 


It  is  so  sad,  so  tragic,  so  unforgivable  a  sin  that  this  tafsiir  by  the  Muhahhiq  (encyclopedic)  Taahir  and  hundreds  of  thousands  of  manuscripts  throughout  the  muslim  world  rot  away,  are  eaten  by  insects.  Noble  Sir,  Noble  Madam  on  reading  the  opening  of  Dalrymple’s  “The  Last  Mughal”  i  cry  to  learn  the  perilous  fate  of  the  Mughal  Persian  manuscripts.  Thousands  upon  thousands  of  manuscripts  of  our  greatest  ulama  lie  unread  and  rotting.  By  not  imbibing  these  works  and  continually  neglecting  them  we  degenerate,  we  suffer  from  scurvy,  from  cholera,  from  syphilis…


What  is  the  use,  the  utility,  the  natiijah  the  outcomes  value  of  the  thousands  upon  thousands  of  “graduates”  of  the  thousands  of  Daarul  Uluums,  of  Azhar,  of  Qum,  of  Mash’had.  In  this  age  of  the  computer,  advanced wordprocessors,  the  internet,  the  World  Wide  Web  it  is  possible  to  publish  ALL  manuscripts   


O  Allaah  if  You  have  even  a  zarra  of  Rahmah,  Salaamah  please  immediately  end  my  life,  let  me  not  live  after  death,  destroy  me  completely,  make  me  a’dam  (ayn,  daal,  miim)