about Maulana munir hassan and this blog


Wuqiitun   sharran   wa   laa   laqiitum   maa   baqiitum   dhurran. Trans: May you be safe from all danger, evil, harm…

My   name   is   munir   hassan –

i   am   maulana   (maulawi,   aalim,   faazil)

[[munirblog]&](@ ){{ gmail }}  ({(dot)})   {(com)}

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My   profound   gratitude   to   all   who   developed   blogging   and   all   at   WordPress   for  making   this   blog   possible.

i   Would   present   myself   as   an   islamologist.

The   Arabic   terms   “maulawi”,   “aalim”   and   “faazil”   denote   levels   of   training   in   Arabic   and  Islamic   Sciences,   they   are   here   mentioned   in   ascending   order.
–  –  –

i   Was   born   in   apartheid   South   Africa   grew  up   as   an   abused orphan.

My name is Munir Hassan.
i Am the son of Faqeer Ahmad Hassan (late, interred Wattville cemetry, Benoni) & Aamina Hassan (born Verachia) (late, interred Avalon cemetry, Soweto).
After my father’s death i grew up an unwanted, EXTREMELY abused orphan. The abuse -physical And psychological- was constant, continuous , extreme, severe, brutal, intense, merciless, escalating …
i Was subject to Constant, Never-ending terrible physical & psychological abuses & psychological terrorism.
i Lived through
a Gaza,

a John Vorster Square,

a Sharpville,

an Auchwitz,

a Vlakplaas,

a Robin Island,

a Guantanamo Bay

an Abu Ghraib

of child abuse.

i Will NEVER EVER forget.


My Abuser, i Will never forget the day you took me to that house [ Lenasia, Ext. 7, corner P_ and T_ ]

where you Violently and Grievously beat me – FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER,
You laughed while you beat me.

where you repeatedly fisted me -FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER,
You laughed while you fisted me.

where you repeatedly kicked me -FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER,
You laughed while you kicked me.

where you whipped me -FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER…
You laughed while you whipped me.

and where you, with ALL with great joy and relish, tried to drown me in that swimming pool,
You laughed while you tried to me.

You did this to me in front of my mother to violate her. When you were broke you came to her for money.

i Am still alive.

|| || ||

You and your family would later very often frolick and party and Sunday and barbecue/braai at that very house and swim in that very same swimming pool.


My Abusers [plural] , when i was in high school, you created a climate of EXTREME psychological terror and horror in which You forced me to live:
in the sadistic hope that i would fail matric, std. 10.
You used violence against me in the hope that i would fail matric.
In spite of the Gaza terror atmosphere you (plural) created i passed my matric.


My Abusers you used to label me BASTARD in PUBLIC, and have a hearty laugh.


If EVER there is a day of judgement, a here-after, an/the Allah, he should know the truth.

i Wait without fear.

1] Islamologist: Trained in Classical Islamic Sciences.
Liberal, Revisionist, Modernist, Ijtihadist.
Islam is wonderful but Dominant Islam ruined it.
Advocate of Investigative Islam.


Ma, i am so happy that you have passed on.
Ma, i am so happy that you are dead.
Your suffering is over.
Your suffering has ended.

You suffered too much, too long at the hands of those you cared for.

They kicked you out of your house, when they were broke they, your and my abusers, came, with crocodile tears, to gorge money out of you.
And you gave them money.

Ma, i am so happy that you have passed on.
Ma, i am so happy that you are dead.
Your suffering is over.
Your suffering has ended.
i Hope Your suffering is over.
i Hope Your suffering has ended.

i   Live   in   an   apartheid   ~ neo – apartheid   ghetto   called   Lenasia  (Lenz for   short),   in  neo – apartheid   South  Africa.

i   am   of   shudra   Gujarati   origin   and   consider   myself   a   gujarati indian.

My   ancestors   fled   famine   in   india  (see  Late   Victorian   Holocausts   by   Mike   Davis  published   by   Verso).

The   anti – muslim   riots   in   Gujarat,   and   the  militant,   anti – muslim,   anti -poor   assaults   and   onslaughts   affect   me   deeply.   i   Would   like  to  return   to   India   but   these   factors   stop   me.

i   find   the   dominant   articulations   of   Islam   in   South   Africa   most   wanting,   most   unethical;   in   fact   it   makes   Islam   grotesque;   it   dummies   people;   it  ghettoes   the Muslim spirit.

i   find   participation   in  it  very   problematic:   i   must   hold   and   preach   and   defend   opinions   that   i   consider   are   patently   wrong,   for   example   that   music   is   Haraam,   that  Rajam/Stoning   are  correct   Islamic   punishments,   that photography   is   haram   and   i   must intellectually live   in   either   a   Deobandi  or   Barelwi   or   some   such   dungeon   and   regard   ALL   else   as   wrong.   i   May   NOT   quote   from   a   scholar    of   another   school   of   thought…

This   i   cannot   do.

*my  honesty,   ijtihaad,   certainty   (yaqiin)   of   the absolute  equality   of   men   and   women,

*my   questioning   the   grotesque(ugly)   articulations   of   islam   by   the   various   very   powerful, extremely violent hegemons…

make   me   an   absolute   exile,   i am   hounded,   persecuted,   denied   employment,   overtly   and   covertly opposed…   even   Edward   Said   was   professor   at  Columbia.

I   have   been   trying   to   engage   in   ijtihaad   (review / NEWview, revision / NEWvision)   for  many   years   –  ijtihaad   is   ijtiHARD.

For   MANY years   now   i   live  under   the   constant   threat   of brutal   assassination.

i   have   been   violently   and   brutally  assaulted   on   numerous occasions.

On   two   occasions   i   survived,   severly  wounded,   brutal   assassination attempts.

For   MANY years   i   have   not   been   able   to   sleep peacefully   for   one night, every   creak,  every   sound   scares me.

i   live   in   perpetual   fear.

*   *   *

Why   this   Blog

There   is   simply   no   space,   no   oxygen   in   south   africa,   and   i  daresay   the   entire   world,    for  exploring   Islam,   muslimness  …,   for self   analyses,   interrogation  …

In   fact   my   experience   is   that   these   are   met   with   violent opposition.

There   are   no   vigorous,   vibrant,   investigative   media   (plural).
In   fact   exploration   of   islam   and  muslimness   is   discouraged   and   an extremely   dangerous   endeavor   throughout   the   world.

i   seek   in   this   blog   to:

offer   some   apologia:

to   the   quraan,

to   my   nabi,

and (emotionally)   to   the   mother   of   islam   and   my   Nabi,   Aamina.

i   Have   a   deep   adoration,   veneration,   devotion   to   the   High   Holy Mother    of   Nabi   Muhammad.

The   apologia   with   reference   to   the   Quraan   relates   to   the brutalization of   the   letter   and   spirit   of   the   quran   and   the   infinitely compassionate   divine   maternal   love   that   is   the   animus   and   intent   of   Allah   in   the   ii’haa / wahy,   the   in’zaal  (life  –  giving   rain).

In   this   blog   i   seek   to:

call   for   a   review   of   muslim   practice   and   heritage,   especially   the legal   and  normative   guidance   offered   by   scholars   of   the   past.

Quite   simply   i   do   not   agree   with  the    articulation   of   islam by the  centers   of   power   through,   inter   alia   (amongst   other   things), their instruction,  propaganda,   indoctrination.

It   is   not   sufficient   to   argue   that  there   is   some   ideal,   metaphysical, perfect   diamond   that   is   islam   while  in   the   heartlands   of   islam   and in  muslim   communities   around   the   world  the   islamic   praxis   is   most   unsatisfactory.

One   key   aspect   of   this   anti – islamic   articulation   of   islam   is misogyny – the  gross   and   subtle   oppression   of   women.   Not granting   women   EQUAL RIGHTS   to   men,   in   essence   this  deprives them   of   their   humanity.

i   have   personally   seen   the   effects   of   misogyny   and   know   that  these   are   most   terrifying;   misogyny   produces   illiterate   begging widows.   i   have   heard   articulations   of   misogyny   structured   in   islamic   discourse,   peppered   with   the   names   of   allaah,   the   nabi,   and threats   of   eternal  damnation…

When   these   preaches   are   questioned   they   stir   up   violence   against those   who   question   them.

i   call   for   the   absolute   equality   of   women   in   islam –   women imaams,   shaykhs,   aayatullaahs,   heads   of   state,   ministers,   ABSOLUTE EQUALITY.

Examples   of    misogy:

the   demotion   and   constructive   dismissal   of,   amongst   others,   Shireen Ebadi   (Iranian)   from   her   judicial  post   followed   by   the   enactment  of   legislation   that   women   cannot   hold   judicial   posts   in   Iran   –   i condemn  these   unreservedly,   they   have   no   islamic   basis  whatsoever,

the   prohibition   to   drive   for   women   in   Saudi   Arabia   –   this   is   a human  rights   violation,

an   inheritance   regime   that   in   certain   permutaions   gives   women   half of   what  men   receive.   this   distribution   must   be   amended   to   ensure equality   between   sexes.

i   will   comment   on   happenings   in   the   muslim   world,   muslim   society,   on   hadiith,   Islamic   law,   fiqh   and   usuulul   fiqh,   explore   the august   Islamic   heritage   and   call   for   giving   attention   to   neglected figures  (Ismail   Bhey   Gasprinski),   Maulana   Ali  Monghiri.

This   blog   is   an   attempt   to   read   the   haamish   and   haashiyah (footnotes  and   margins   carefully),   to   give   the  mukaffAr   (the apostatized)   a   fair   hearing..

This   blog   is   one   small   LAA / NO   to   being   driven   to   the   poisoned   by  the   hegemony,   with   their   whips   rods,   lashes,   cattle   prods and   guns   and  knives.

This   blog   is   an   effort   at   INVESTIGATIVE ISLAM,   your   material support   can   only   help   this   grassroots  effort.

I   will   record   assaults,   death   threats… against   me.

=  =  =

islam   is   one   thousand   four   hundred   years   “old”   and   has   received the  intellectual   input   of   very   diverse   and   sundry   geniuses   (and fools).

The   muzlimuun’s  (manufacturers   of  terrifying   darknesses)   demand   that  one confines   oneself   to   this   leader  and   those   few   paltry   texts is   an   act  of axphyxiation,    one   just   cannot  breathe for   one   zillionth   of   a   nanosecond   in that   atmosphere.

=    =   =

All   of   islam   is   my   home,   all  texts are   my   birth   right.

No-one   has   the   right   to   ask   me   for a   pass  (dompass),   call  me   to  halt   as   i   traverse   the   infinite, immensely rich universes   that   is   islam   by   pointing   the machine-guns  of:

“What   is   your   Mazhab?”

“What  is your   Aqiidah?”

“Who  is  your  Piir?”  –

i   prefer   exile   and   suicide to   this  solitary   confinement   and   abuse.

i   refuse   to   be   an   attic slave.

they   wish   to   make   a   feral   child,   a   wolf   child   of Islam and me.

Islam    is    not    the    fiefdom   of   any   mutawally,

any   shaykh,

any   millionaire,

board   of    governors,

any    aayatullah,

any professor,

any    phd,

any    institute…

=  =  =

Every   challenge   to   islam   can   be  addressed, Islam does   NOT   need:



motorbike   killers…

Every   criticism   must   be   carefully   heard

=   =   =

*   i   need   the   help   of   wellwishers

*   i   am   looking   for   friends   in   this   odyssey

*   i  want  to  continue  trying  to  honest,  consistent.

i  need  and  plead  for  any  help  you  can  give  me  in  this  endeavor .  .  .

*   i   need   and   will   greatly appreciate  material  support  of  any well-wisher

*  no   duas   at   all   please,   i   cannot  use   these   at   all,   they   are not  legal   tender   anywhere   in   the  heavens   and   earths

do   not   underestimate   the   power  of   your   support

*   if   you   are   from   north   America,   Europe   –   please   note   that   a   few dollars,   a   few   pounds,   a   few   euros   mean   a   lot   to   me

*   if   you   are   in    South   Africa    you   can   even   help   me   with   food, clothing  (used   clothing   also),   writing   material  (pens,   paper…), books…

*   for   years   now   i   have   been   living  in   terrible   food   insecurity and  am   skating   on   the   thin   ice   of  homelessness

=   =   =   =

your    zakaat,    sadaqa,    lillaah,    kafaarah   WILL    make   a   difference   to  me
i   am   in   need   of   funds   for   my  studies

i   must   offer   my   apologies   to  masters   of  the   pen   who wrote   excellently   in   the   most  adverse   of  conditions   – Dostoevsky…


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