are we not muslims

When  we  claim  the  heritage  of  the  scientific  contribution  of  polymath  ulama  in  the  Sciences(physics, botany, zoology, optics…),  Logic,  experimental  method…  it  is  important  to  note  that  these  were  not  Deobandies  or  Barelwies.

Yet  they – mutawallies: doctors whose profession rests on blood  transfusion,  lawyers  who  can  write  exams  to  practice  in  other  legal  systems,  business  people(men  and  WOMEN!) build  these deobandi, beralwi  apartheid  walls,  CUTTING  UP,  BUTCHERING  ISLAM  and  Guantanamo-ing  all  who  are  not  mini-mees,  especially  the  poor,  the  non fellow-kholvad, non fellow-memon.


Salaamat  wa  Aadaab

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