on the “Sharia”

1. The word “Sharia” is ‘the’ most abused, mis-used, patsied, ill-used, mugged, colonized, scapegoated, commercialized word ‘Ever.

2.Islam is a contesting and contested tradition, the founder Nabi Muhammad contested power, norms, distributive justice… and since inception muslims have been arguing, debating… The main concern is how this takes place (who killed Shafi’i?)

3. i Hold the as’haabul adl (pejoratively, abusively called “mutazila” ) in high esteem.

4. Fiqh – an attempt at sharia must be reviewed, it has too long been at the abuse of monolithic positivists,

5. i Contend that it is even possible and necessary, healthful to “re”-write, “re”-configure fiqh from source.

6. Flinging book titles is puerile

7. Islam will only benefit from interrogation, from listening to criticism. i Do not agree with the herecising of the As’haabul Adl.

8. Judicial murder will not does not solve problems.

9. i Am totally against the death penalty.


Salaamat  wa  Aadaab

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