a Cultural and Intellectual Genocide: the Destruction of Muslim Talent, Potential and Islamic Futures

a  Cultural  and  Intellectual  Genocide: the  Destruction  of   Muslim  Talent, Potential  and  Islamic  Futures

Many  sincere  Muslims  who  are

* eager  and  sincere  to  help  the  poor, destitute, retrenched

* eager  and  sincere  to  further  to  noble  Deen  of  Islam, to  further  the  Risaala (Message, Cause)  of  our  dear  and  beloved  Nabi(S)

ENTRUST their  Zakaat, Sadaqa, Lillaah, Fitra, Kaffaara, Interest, Charity to  individuals; Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors

HOWEVER, When  i  and  other  aspirant  students  and  servants of  Islam  approach  these TRUSTEES“, they  REPEATEDLY speak  to  us  most  abusively, with  EXTREME  VULGARITY, they publicly insult  us.

Persons  entrusted  with  HUGE  AMOUNTS  of  Zakaat, ETC…  tell  me  (and  others)  REPEATEDLY, IN  PUBLIC that  i  was/am

-QUOTE!–  ” a stupid  fu+@&*)&!ng ars+@&*)&!hole with  shi+@&*)&!t for  brains”  for  “wasting”  my  time  studying  Islamic  Sciences  (Arabic  grammar, morphology, rhetoric, tafsir, history),

that  if  i  had  ANY  brains  i  would  have  played  enough  soccer  and  would  be  rich  like  David  Beckham  and  not  begging  them  for  Zakaat. Allah  is  my  witness

  • May  the  eternal  wrath  of  Allah, all  the  Malaaikah, ALL  the  Shaheeds,  ALL  the  Siddiiqs  be  upon  me  if  i  am  lying.

Wallaahi, by  Allah, others  are  also  treated  similarly.

Trustees  managing  VAST  sums  of  ZAKAAT, SADAQA, LILLAAH, KAFFAARA, RIBA, INTEREST go  out  of  their  way  to  DESTROY  CIA  STYLE, THROUGH  PSYCHOLOGICAL  CAMPAIGNS, the  ikh’laas, sincere  will, and  hope  of  ulama  to  serve  Islam, humanity  and  Islamdom.

These  Agents  of  ROT, DECAY  AND  DEATH  preach  the  virtues  of  poverty  while  their  curtains  are  remote  controlled.


Salaamat  wa  Aadaab

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