Stoning, Rajam

Stoning [rajam] a person to death for adultery [zinaa] is NOT Islamic & Quranic punishment. Stoning [rajam] is HARAAM. Hadiths prescribing it, claiming Nabi carried out, claiming it was part of the Quran… are Fabrications[Mau’dhuu’aat], they are attempts (successful) to fabricate an ANTI-quran. They must be outrightly rejected & campaignd against, a jihaad

On Rajam/stoning see Quranic Foundations & Stucture of Muslim Society by MAULANA Dr  Fazlur Rahman Ansari (i am confident in the ADL of Allah that Allah will by HIS Adl enter Marhuum into Janna)

Salaamat  wa  Aadaab

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