the throne of Allah

The arsh/ throne of Allah

Missing the point

arr’Rah’maa’nu a’lal ar’shis ta’waa

Classical and medieval tafsir miss the point of this aayah, they  ask:

Where is the throne/arsh?

What is above the throne/arsh?

Does the throne/arsh contain allah, hence is the throne/arsh larger in size than Allah?

Is the throne/arsh stronger then Allah for him to be seated on it?

What is the meaning of istiwaa?

Is it permissible to enquire as to the meaning of this verse?

The Rahmaan has made istiwaa on the throne

My interpretive translation:

The Rahmaan has established the reign of mercy, the new world order of mercy for all.

Tafsir and kalaam really miss the point of this aayah


Salaamat  wa  Aadaab

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