Islam in China

This   is   the   first   in   my   resource   index   for   an alternative   madressa – this   especially   in   light   of   the utter   bankrupcy   of substantial   madressa   education   in south   africa   and   throughout   the   world.
The   idea   is   to   compile   a   list   of   interesting   web  based   resources   for   explorating   the   islamic   world; islamic   thought   on articulating   the   islamic   sources and   historical   efforts   in   a modern   age,   etc
Hereunder is a blog from china, about islamic china, by islamic china.
It is useful for adults and 10 year olds and above
It opens our vistas into islamic history and the breadth and pedigree of muslim life.
i  humbly recommend that parents make it  family reading and a point of discussion.
i am sure that such would be an educative experience for the family at large
please circulate as widely as possible.
Maulana munir hassan
maulawi alim faazil
Islam in China
The Islam in China Blog won the Brass Crescent Award for the best Muslim blog in the East

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