Haroon Moghulis (very interesting person)

Alternative   Madrasa: Haroon  Moghulis (very  interesting   person)

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the   idea  behind  alternative  madresa   create   awareness   about   creative   efforts   at   islamic   articulations
Alternative  Madresa  introduces  an  American  muslim   scholar.  His  blog  shows  efforts   at  a   modern  dynamic  islamic   life  
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Harron   Moghulis’s   blog:         http://avari.typepad.com/avari/

Haroon Moghulis is the author of an influential and popular blog focused on issues concerning South Asia, the Middle East, Islam and Muslim Americans. His novel, The Order of Light, was published in 2006, and translated into French in 2007. He is the Director of Public Relations for the Islamic Center of New York University, and is currently also pursuing a Ph.D. in Middle East Studies at Columbia University. His field of study includes the intellectual history of Islam in colonial India, the Indian Ocean economy and the modern Muslim world. In 2009, he was nominated for the Presidential Award for Best Teaching by a Graduate Student at Columbia.


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