books by women ulama?

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With reference to women mu’had’di’thaat like Kariimah al’Marwaziyyah and others mentioned by Siddique,  i (maulana munir hassan) note  that there is no mention whatsoever of scholarly works – commentaries on hadiith,   etc… – by these mu’had’di’thaat. Where is the “Fat’hul Baari” by a lady muhadditha.

We   use   ibnu  Hajar,  Ayniy,  Nawawiy,  Qastalaniy,  Anwar Shah Kasmiiriy, Hashiyaat  of  Sindhi…..etc,   etc,   etc…  but   where   are   the   works   by   the   “many”   women   ulama? 


Some scholars list scores of teachers of Bukhaariy’s Sahiih, but not one commentary by a lady scholar.


Reader, do you know of any commentary of Bukhaariy’s Sahiih in use by a lady scholar.


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