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The son of Aaminah worked as a hand on merchant caravans that traveled far and wide to sell, buy, barter, scout… might there have been someone who showed him some kindness? a date? some cheese? some butter? a sip of water? maybe a toy or some useful thing, a knife? If only i could have been that stranger. i would have loved to say ” thank you ” to that stranger  but i am unable to – hunger eats me as a write, it makes me dizzy, it makes me wonder – strange, what awesome and terrible power hunger has, the power to make man wonder.

Hunger is satan’s triumph over man and God.

The stomach cramps are the echo of his laughter.

Hunger makes man an enemy of himself.

Hunger puts man at war with himself.

Hunger makes man hate himself.



Yaa Aaminah Ummann Nabiyy, Yaa Aaminah Ummahaatil Iimaan wal Islaam i munir hassan, an abused orphan, place at your doorstep this.
You sit in an abode higher then firdaus, the ulul azm of the Nabis want audience with you. 

Yaa Aaminah! The design of many after the death of my father, one Faqiir Ahmed Hassan, was to deny me literacy, numeracy, education… this agenda they collectively and violently pursued.  Their Scars are visible on my body.
They succeeded triumphantly and completely – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Had they not succeeded i would have given you a much better gift, a gift with which i could be desirous of the ridh’waan of Your son, the darling of the heavens and the earths.

– – – –

Yaa Aaminah Yaa Muhammad (alaikum salaati wa salaami)


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