sura qadr: political foundations

Salaamat  wa  Aadaab 

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Problems”,  in ilmi technical terms,  “mush’ki’laat/ish’kaa’laat”

in this short terse lucid sura the climax of the first aaya is POWER

The  sura  concludes  with  the  with  the  aim,  yield  (to  speak  in  the  language  of  a chemical  equation)  of  “power;  authority…/qadr”  as  peace/SALAM

problem:  do  we  take  the  time  terms  lailah,  fajr,  shahr…  literally

again  in  the  language  of  the  chemical  equation  inzala/inzaal;  tanazzala/tanazzul; malaaika;  izn;  amr;  ruuh  are  the  agents,  reactants,  catalysts…  to  create  an  order  of peace/SALAAM  the  opposite  of  an  order  of  zulm  which  Parvez  Manzoor foregrounded  in  Afkar  and  elsewhere

i  am  trying  to  say  that  sura  qadr  is  a  germ(seed)  of  an  islamic  POLITICAL vision  and  program  -anti/non-machiavellian-  that  needs  to  be  developed.


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