islam as a cash cow

Islam  as  a  Cash  Cow


Salaamat  wa  Aadaab 

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once upon a time he wrote a page for children in a free national islamic newspaper

he called himself the uncle of the ummah

he wrote of the greatness of one Aayatullah Musaavi Khomeini, the muslimness of Aayatullah Musaavi Khomeini

time went by

he had a stall at a major fare

he had an arab style long kurta

he gave me a packet of literature

in contained the pornography of two prominent indian hate monger pseudo maulawies

the literature package explained that Aayatullah Muusavi Khomeini was kufr personified, shias are kuffaar, worse than majuus, hate-porn ….

as a maulawi i cannot serve islam, make adaa of Nabi Muhammad under the command, the trusteeship, the mutawalliship of such and their ilk.


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