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Book  title:   al’Burhaan fii Uluumil Quraan

Author: Imam Badruddiin Muhammad ibnu Abdullah az’Zarkashi (b. 745 hijriyy – d. 793 )

tahqiiq/ edited by:  1. Doctor Yuusuf  AbdurRahmaan al’mara’shali [?];

2. Shaykh Jamaal Hamdi az’Zahabiyy

3. Shaykh Ibrahiim Abdullah al’Kurdiyy   

publisher DarulMarifa; Beirut; Lebanon

Volume 1; Footnote number 7; Page 105: 

7. He is Muhammad ibnu Umar ibnu Muhammad, the great Scholar(Allaamah) Abul Qasim, az’Zamakhshariyy, al’Khwarizmiyy, the Exegete, the Grammarian, the Scolar of Language Sciences(lughawi), the Mutazili[i prefer As’haabul Adli watt Tauhiid: the partisans of Justice and Monotheism]. he is given the title “Jaarullaah/Neighbor of Allah” because he made mujaawarah/ lived in and served Islam in Makkah for period. He was born in Zamakhshar, one of the cities of Khwarazm.

He was a man of wide Knowledge/ a polymath, a person of good character, extremely intelligent/ had a very high IQ, very creative and a producer of original perpectives. he was a master in all the necessary Sciences. he was dedicated to the Mutazili school of thought (madh’hab), he made his allegiance to the Mutazili Madh’hab public and invited people to join it. In law he was a Hanafi. He was doctor and professor of literature and Grammer. he is the Author of the commentary of the Quran titled “Kashshaaf”. He passed away in the 538 Hijriyy. 

Above from: Daawudi; Biographical Encyclopedia of the Commentators of the Quran(Tabaqaatul Mufassiriin); vol 2 page 316

Zamakhshariy’s tafsir “al’Kash’shaaf an Haqaa’iqi Ghawaamidhit Tanziil / the Exlication on the true import of the unclear passeges of the tanziil(quran)” is published and consulted.

It was published for the first time in Calcutta, India in 1273 Hijriyy / 1856 Christian Era in two volumes.

It was then published in two volumes in Bulaq in 1281 Hijriyy / 1864 Christian Era as a haamish to the Quran, haamish: that is on the margin of the Quran. The Sharaf Press published Kashshaaf in two volumes in Eqypt in 1307 Hijriyy / 1889 Christian Era, on its margin was “al’Intisaaf” by Ibnul Munir al’Iskandariyy. Muhammad Mustafa Publishers of Egypt published Kashshaaf in two volumes with Ibnul Munir al’Iskandariyy’s “al’Intisaaf and Sayyid Jurjaaniyy’s Haashiyah (exlanatory notes) in the margin/ haamish.

An edition specially prepared by William Linis  [sp? i am transliterating from the Arabic] and Maulawi Khaadim Husain and Maulawi AbdulHayy, was published in Bulaq in 1318 Hijriyy  / 1900 Christian Era,  in the margin were

1. IbnulMunir al’Iskandariyy’s  “al’Intisaaf

2.  Sayyid Jurjaaniyy’s Haashiyah (exlanatory notes) and

3.  Muhibbuddiin Afendi’s “Tanziilul Aayaati alash Shawaahid minal Abyaati” 




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