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Salaamat  wa  Aadaab 

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Wuqiitum sharran wa laa laqiitum maa baqitum dhurran.

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As shudra i dare to speak thereby inviting assault and brutal death:

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i am looking at page 56 of the January 2003 al-arabi magazine.

A picture shows two pushton women in the foreground clad in the chador.

A woman carries a baby in spite of the chador.

Behind are men in pakistani style kurtas.

i say:  

These women are imprisoned in these chadors.

It is kufr to say that this garb of ZULM* through which one is able to see only through a meshing is islamic – * i can find no other term of categorization.

Here is a new category –  gender prisoners.  

Together with this i read “In the name of honor” by one Mukhtar Mai about her rape.

i learn from her shahaadat that women of her Gujar tribe are trans-generationally illiterate.

Transgenerational  Illiteracy:  

– the condition of my daughters, mothers, sisters,

– the condition of the ummat of the qalam,  the ummat of the kitaab.

Even in the afterlive the book is a grand motif

fa ammaa man uutiya kitabahu, haa umuqra uu kittaabiyah …

How sad that this is the condition of the ummat whose nabi was LITERATE.

Muhamammad was highly literate!

“um’miyy” – he with the limitless love of a infinitely loving mother.

How tragic that  transgenerational illiteracy is the condition of the mothers of the ummat of the nabi who asked his enemies to teach the muslim children the alphabet.

How ugly those anti-ilms (masquerading as ulama) who perpertuate this jahannam.

This trangenerational illiteracy and its negative social impact is the fruition of the dream of shaitaaniyyat and ibliisiyaat.

We must eliminate of illiteracy.

We must rethink the use of resources so as to channel these to the total elimination of the zulumaat (terrifying darkness) and zulm(oppression) of illiteracy.

We must rethink spending on umras, multiple hajjs – especially muslims in the west.

We must undo the anti-islam of vulgar selfish self – salvation.

Each of these illiterate girls must be a phd.

What purspose do those so called daarul uluums serve?

Are they not manuctures of this ineffable evil?

Women are men’s total equal.

They are half and more then half of the umma.

The are the more intelligent half of the umma.

i call for fundamental equity of men and women.

i do not mince my words.

i see nothing wrong in women as doctors, lawyers

but more importantly they must enter  entirely  the sphere of  islaamiyyaat/islamic sciences, entirely! totally! – the sphere of the hojjatulislasm, the aayatullaah, the mufti, the maulvi, the munshi, the imam!!!

The umma will only grow stronger by their contribution in these crucial spheres, the diverse and sundry malaises and sicknesses, and diseases will be cured by their input.

Islam will never attain izzat until, inter alia, women, as equal to men, are  aayatullaahs, shaikhs, maulawis …….. scholars of islam, imaams of the haram of Makkah and madiina, of epypt, qum, mash’sad and every mosque in every nook and crany of the world.

The diseased and moribund islamic sciences and islamics’ institutes of the world can only benefit from the input.

This is the much needed capital.

All else is nothing.

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Continuing   the   shikwa   of   iqbaal


They ask what is it that ails me.

With fat, obese bellies  they  dictate the agenda  of the umma.


Their daughters attend harvard, princeton, oxford

In their limousines they are soothed and exited by mujra cds and dvds

This is what ails me:

transgenerational illiteracy in the umma of the qalam the pen.

Jibriil! – where are armies of the heavens

Why does He allow this to continue?

Did  all the malaaika not hear the shikwa of one jahannami,

the kaafir muhammad iqbal  –  i say.

Go to Rizwaan, the keeper of heaven, come, let me take you Jibriil says.

It is no use,  but let us go anyway  i say.

Rizwaan!  in one minute he cries tears of blood of  countless  souls.

His cries disturb the angels at their prayers.

The high council of angels are angered by his ceaseless wailing – Jibriil says.

He is just a man of flesh what i have will silence him  bring him to me Rizwaan says.

Jibriil takes me to Rizwaan.

A lengthy silence.

Rizwaan!  why the lengthy silence?

I am Jibriil, chief of all angels.  I have no time to waste. Overseer the affairs of 70 billion aalams.  Do not let me tarry for no reason. 

I bore what none could bear  the quraan  the infinite ocean of maternal love Jibriil says.

Jibriil! my lord and master,  Conveyor of command from on high.

You go where no other goes.

You hear from close quarters the amr, the kalima,  the word.

You stand firm when the 70 billion aalams shatter.

Only one went futher then you,  the orphan of Aamina, the darling of Allaah.

How can i cause you delay Rizwaan says.

I have closely examined this sick man.

From the 70 billion aalams many have i cured –  they  were brought to my staff by the detail of the high council of angels  they were cured by my most junior staff  –   but this sick sick man is a problem.

I   see the atom and the electron

I laughed when Milikan discovered the charge of the electron.

What baffles the scientists at cern my junior staff mastered at kindergarten.

August lord and awesom master and teacher,

I see the space between the electron and its nucleus, I know the structure of the electron, I examine my students in matters that man in another billion years will only begin to discover.  

This man baffles me.

His eyes contain the pain of more paataalas – jahannams then I can count.

He will not be soothed by jannat’s hooriis and dishes,

the Tasniim,

the Sharaban Tahuura,

the Salsabeel,

all these will only increase his sickness.

They mean nothing to him.

I have even the elixer of eternal youth, that too will not calm this one.

Take him away from here.

The pain in his eyes is unpleasent for me to bare.

I cannot help help him Rizwaan says.

Yes. Rizwaan you cannot help me i say.


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