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maryam   was   a   NABI


Qurtubi in Tazkirah page 9:

…And they[scholars] have indeed differed – qad ukhtulifa – with regards to (fii)  MARYAM – peace be upon her. Is  she a  siddiiqah  in light of His(Allah’s) word, high and mighty is He “and his mother is a sidiiqah. Maa’i’dah:verse75”


is she a NABI [my capitalization] in light of his word “We(Allah) sent to her Our Ruuh. Maryam: verse 17″ and His(Allah’s) word “And when the Ma’laa’i’kah said – yaa/o Maryam surely Allah has chosen you(is’ta’faa’ki) and made your tat’hiir/declared your innocence(my translation of ‘tathiir’). Aalu Imraam: verse 42”   

In Islamic theology when Allah sends the Ruuh, His Ruuh and when Allah choses – makes Istifaa –  this means conferring nubuwat or Risaalat on the person.

From qurtubi’s qad ukhtulifa i, maulana munir hassan (maulawi, aalim, faazil), hold that there is an opinion within Islamdom(Hodgson), within Islam that a lady, here Maryam, was a NABI.

We must search the corpus of islam, particularly the margins, the hashiyas, for more of these opinions and foreground these.

Deeper questions arising here from:

*What is Ijmaa?

*How is ijmaa formed?

*What are the politics and mechanics and dynamics of ijmaa?

*What are the hidden forces framing ijmaa – death threats, fear of ostracism, careerism, peer pressure, weight of tradition…?

i  munir hassan dedicate this to Aamina mother of Nabi Muhammad and Islam.

book title:  att’Taz’ki’rah

author:  Sham’sudd Diin – Abu Abdullah – Muhammad ibnu Ahmad ibni Abi Bakr ibni Farah

al’Ansaariyy – al’Qurtubiyy

demise 671 hijriyy

publishers: Daa’rul Ku’tub al’Il’miy’yah

first print: 1321hijriyy – 2000 AD


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