“haamiim” – a presentation of an explanation of its meaning

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With regards the huruuf muqatta’aat  “haamiim”  Ustaad said:

Amongst  the theories  pertaining  the muqatta’aat is the theory that the muqatta’aat  are abreviations of words and sentences (read Tabari on the mutatta’aat qultu lahaa qifii… qaalat qaaf) Tabari presents qaaf as abreviation for waqaftu or ana waaqifa.

haamiim is the abreviation of ((- – haaziruun yaa muhammad – -))

Context:    the key question is    – 

Who was Muhammad?

What was Muhammad?

the Mahound of others

He was that one who broke the internal  fear barrier.

He feard not the muzlimuun – the creators of terrifying darkness,  who enjoy the suffering of others.

Through people the muzlimuun wage war against Allah, by killing people they seek to kill Allah.

He sought to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed, especially women.

Every aayah used by anti-islams,  masquerading as the custodians of islam,
to opress women actually was revealed by the divine maternal infinite ocean of love to help women.

Muhammad is he who waged war against ribaa…

Muhammad in his pursuit of Iimaan  spared no effort whatsoever in the establishment of a peaceful, fair…  social order and a similar international order.

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( – – there will be a separate blog on “Iimaan”,  Iimaan is on the scale af’ala, level 4 of the Hans Wehr ordering,  it is muta’addii/transitive, the root/maadda is hamza, miim, nuun;  meaning peace, social peace.  On level 4 it means to establish peace, social peace.

We reject the translation of Iimaan as belief/ve… nunkiruhu inkaaran mutlaqan.

That Muhammad (in the Arabic of S_S_ “Muhammad zaaka”) was opposed by the local and international hegemony whose interests were served by the systems of oppression, zulumaat upon zulumaat… in the quran.

Being a  mercy totally committed to addressing  the suffering of those living in the earthly jahannum, the paataalis, Muhammad was militarily opposed and had the choice of backing down, of selling out…Muhammad was the manifestation of the divine maternal eternal force’s deep unhappiness at the suffering of her children. That Muhamad persisted!

In the battlefield his small forces faced local and international coalitions.

The were times in war when the sparse  muslim death defying forces could not be with Muhammad,when the ibliisiyuun made concerted efforts to terminate him, the Mu’azzin at his side would scream to Muhammads friends, his sahaaba, to come to his aid, to come to certain death.

When they heard the mu’azzin’s cry they would rush to certain death screaming,

HAAMIIM – HAAZIRUUN YAA MUHAMMAD”  meaming:  –   “We, your comrades in arms, are present, are present. We surround you to protect you. We ensure that they will not reach you yaa Muhammad.

published by me, maulana munir hassan, maulawi, aalim, faazil;

as’Siddiiq, ash’Shahiidul Hay;

born in South Africa; of Gujurati shudra origin; i am gujarati

orphaned at age 11,

khaliifah rashiid of Maulana S_ S_

o Aamina mother of mercy incarnate

that journey from madiina to makka 

with the fatherless  muhammad  was not in vain.

i will  spend  eternities in jahannam to have been your abd on that journey

at the imprint of your holy feet i this place

all i desire is your son call me abdu aaminah


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