“you created me from fire you created that thing from sand…” ibliis

Salaamat  wa  Aadaab 

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writing in telegraphese –

i am a hungry fugitive from injustice on the run.

“from fire” – military technology, mastery and control of the science and technique of metallurgy,

use of fire as offensive weapon and defence weapon and in population control

“from sand”  – derogation of Aadam, lowly farmer with just wooden instruments.

clash between Ibliis and Shaitaan and Aadam and Hawaa has as key aspect conflict over control and distribution of scarce goods and food staples in the brutal  context of desertification &  climate change on earth –

ibnu kathiir in his qi(a)sas presents the argument for jannah being on earth,

he deals with ihbituu –


is  Aadam the  first human?
No – – the story of Aadam is a narrative beginning, not a beginning of creation  ab initio,  “minal a’dam”   
Reason for mention in the quraan  — it is the/an origin of the conflict in the midst of which Nabi Muhammad finds himself.

Need to listen to some pradeep – it will stuanch the flow of blood.


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